Drag Queen Blues

My friend George is a drag queen called Nancy
Pray Tell me witch are you tonight
If your George lets have a game of snooker
If your Nancy lets turn out the light
For George is a foreman in a coal mine
But changes when the hootter go’s at five
From a snooker playing friend of yours truly
To a man I would like to make my wife
For Nancy brings me midnight satisfactions
And stays with me until the morning light
Then he off to his work down the coal shaft
Where he Aint such a delicate site
Owe Nancy you’re the girl that I think of
But George I know she’s part of you
But its Nancy not you that I fancy
Tell me George tell me what can I do
I am in love with half a man that’s a lady
And the Half that Aint no lady is my best friend
Nancy I would like to share my name with
But George is not the type I could offend
So George take off your dress put on your trousers
I’ve got to shake your Nancy from my head
So tonight I am dining with another one half called Frieda
And the other Half is Fred

(Richard Digance)

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