A. Grobitz, Warsaw

Encontré poca información sobre este violín:

En Violin tone and violin makers , de Hidalgo Moya :

GROBLICZ, MARTIN. Warsaw ; eighteenth century. 
The name is commonly printed " Grobitz " in books dealing with the violin. Examples scarce. Pretty work of Stainer pattern. 
Sometimes seen with lion-heads. The name is found in more modern
instruments of a very common type, and with edges flush with the sides, instead of overlapping them.

En el libro de  James M. Fleming The fiddle fancier's guide; a manual of information regarding violins, violas, basses and bows of classical and modern times, together with biographical notices and portraits of the most famous performers of these instruments :

GROBITZ, A., Warsaw, i8th century. An imitator of Stainer.

A dictionary of violin makers de C. (Cecie) Stainer:

Grobitz, A. A German who was working in Warsaw in 1750, and made good
violins on the Stainer pattern

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